Bye 2017

2017 has been one of the most difficult and challenging years for me and to move completely on from it isn’t going to be easy. What the past year has taught me is that it’s ok not to be perfect, its ok to feel down, it’s ok to admit defeat in situations and what will be will be, but as long as you can go on with your head held high you’re doing a fab job in life.

Trying to be the best mum to my beautiful children while my heart was breaking was one of the hardest things to ever deal with. Having the support of my very little family, my small circle of friends and understanding work colleagues made it slightly easier. Going from a strong family unit to a single working Mum was a shock to the system to say the least, but thinking about this past year its only made me stronger.


Santa Visit at Dobby’s Garden Centre 2017

I like to keep my circles small but old friendships blossomed and new friendships started.  To be completely honest I wouldn’t be in the mind-set I am today if it wasnt for my girls.

Family is everything to me and I am the person I am today because of them. My family is very small but to me that’s all I need. reconnecting with loved ones was important to me and it’s felt like no time has passed. I’m ever so grateful to have those family members in our lives and the support they have given me.

Despite all the heartbreak and the challenges there has been many positives too. I took my children on holiday, I attended my first bloggers event at INTU Milton Keynes and connected with some lovely people. I have watched my Son’s confidence grow with help from his amazing teacher and through his new love of gymnastic. Seeing my shy anxious boy shine in not one but two gymnastic competitions has definitely been one of the highlights of this past year. Seeing my Daughter start Pre-School and having the added benefit of being part of her school learning through my job is such an amazing feeling. Watching her excitement build up for her starting gymnastics and seeing my cute diva walk along a beam is heartwarming.

I’ve set myself so many goals for 2018, some I will complete and some I wont but as long as I keep at it, through the highs and lows and remember it’s all for my children. That’s all I can do.

I’d love to say thank you to all my loved ones old and new, you truly mean the world to me.

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year however you are celebrating and lets work hard and smash 2018.

Until next time



Victoria’s Secret Grand Opening at INTU

Its been no secret how excited I have been for Victoria’s Secret to open right here at INTU Milton Keynes. Since I can remember I’ve watched the fashion shows admiring all the beautiful garments and being inspired by the angels beauty, confidence and amazing figures (whilst drinking a few glasses of wine and eating my weight in crisps and dip!)

The pink lights completely light the rest of the mall up making this amazing pink glow. So many people turned up for the opening and the first 100 people in line received a free £10 gift card, and if you spent over £45 in store that day you got a free VS bag worth £78! I could hear my money fluttering away there and then.


I started off in the Victoria’s Secret part of the store and honestly didn’t know where to look.  The first thing I noticed was the top Desi Perkins (huge fan girl right here) showed us in her Snapchat story. The store itself is absolutely beautiful and has such a lovely atmosphere.

Photo of Desi Perkins from her Instagram

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to look round a shop. All the displays and merchandise were in perfect order almost making me not want to touch, almost! This part of the store is all dark with just the right amount of lighting to draw you in, makeing it feel all sexy and seductive. It kind of gives a nice boost of confidence whilst browsing around.




I made my way through the store getting to all the fragrances and makeup. I ended up spraying so many different testers on cards I smelled like the perfume department in John Lewis. I did so many lipstick swatches my arm looked like my daughter had decided to colour me in!



Now onto PINK. This is a more bright and fun side to the store. With all the lounge and sportswear, cute bralettes, bath bombs and accessories. This area was so busy it was hard to get a real good look at everything, but I did manage to find some nice bralettes that was actually Buy One Get One Free and knickers that were also on special offer. I was struggling to find sizes but only because it was so busy. A staff member came over and asked if I needed any help which was a godsend. She went away with my bralette that I was trying to find matching bottoms for, and found lots of options in the size I needed.


There are so many cute gift ideas perfect for Christmas, it’s definitely opened at the right time of year. So if you haven’t been for a browse yet you absolutely are missing out!


Until next time


INTU Style Garden September 2017


Photo by INTU Milton Keynes

First of all apologies for the extremely late blog post, lets just say we have had a few technical issues this end and they seemed to have lasted forever!

Back in August I was very lucky to be invited to my first ever bloggers event. To say I was excited would be a huge understatement. Luckily for me I didn’t let my anxiety get the better of me. So come September INTU Milton Keynes hosted a stunning VIP Style Garden. I got to meet some fabulous bloggers. LouBou from who I’ve followed on Instagram and Snapchat for a while, so it was lovely to finally meet in person. Amanda from and Honor from you definitely need to give them a follow.


I attended the Style Garden where INTU and some stores showcased their Autumn/Winter pieces and trends. On arrival all the bloggers gathered for drinks and a talk from the lovelies at INTU, where they spoke about all the exciting things happening in the shopping centre, so watch this space for details!

Photos by INTU Milton Keynes

At the event retailers such as New Look, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Karen Millen showcased their new collections for fall 2017 (not good for my bank account I’ll tell you!) They had hair experts Rush and Debenhams beauty concessions Clarins, Laura Geller and bareMinerals giving us all the tips and product information we could ever need. I immediately fell in love with Laura Geller and was ready to buy all their products there and then!


My favourite pieces from New Look, Miss Selfride and Topshop.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Rebecca at INTU for inviting me to the fabulous event, it was such a lovely evening and to top it off the goodie bag was full of so many amazing things, I’m still working my way through them all!

Until next time